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In addition to our exquisite, unique clothing CambridgeWear is also proud to offer a variety of accessories. These include Items such as jewelry, handbags, scarves, gloves, hats, shoes & more. This is just a small sample of what we offer. Check in with us, as we will be updating regularly to show off the full breadth of these fun additions.


Who doesn't love a handbag to match your mood? We have handbags to look sharp at the office. We have handbags for a fun night out. Check out our handbags.

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We offer a wide variety of unique and designer Jewelry. Artisanal earrings, necklaces & fun bangles. Ask about our lines that are free-trade & eco-friendly.

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Kazuri Jewelry

Situated on what was once a part of Karen von Blixen's coffee plantation there is now a small workshop where ceramic jewelry and beads are made by Kenyan women. It is painstaking work. Many of the beads and necklace components are tiny. Each one has to be shaped carefully, polished, fired, painted and fired again. The result is KAZURI, the Swahili word for "small and beautiful."


Made in Canada, the originality and beauty of the Caracol collections are expressed in the diversity of natural materials such as wood, shell, leather and metals with touches of gold and silver. 

Encanto Jewelry

Our jewelry is made primarily with Tagua, with the occasional incorporation of Totumo and Miyuki beads. Tagua (known as the Vegetable Ivory) is a renewable and eco-friendly resource, and we pride ourselves on creating Tagua jewelry of the highest quality. When developing our products, we seek to observe eco-friendliness with social responsibility, an approach that respects both nature and the dignity of each individual who harvests its riches on our behalf. Encanto Jewels is a Fair Trade, Certified Benefit Corporation that has the highest respect for both nature and people. 


Add a dash of flair to any outfit. Vivid patterns and bright colors help to make any outfit more exciting. We have scarves to keep you warm, and scarves to make an impression. 

Silk Art Scarves adapted from Vincent Van Gogh paintings, Oleanders, Irises and Starry Night, Garden in the Rue Cortot by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Impression Sunrise by Claude Monet .

Silk Art Scarves adapted from Gustav Klimt’s paintings, The Kiss and Garden of Sunflowers, Autumn: Banks of the Seine near Bougival by Alfred Sisley, Washerwomen in Arles by Paul Gauguin and Garden in the Rue Cortot by Pierre Auguste Renoir.

Silk Art Scarves adapted from Claude Monet’s Impression Sunrise, Edgar Degas’s Before the Performance and Blue Dancers.


We bet you love shoes...well so do we. Our brands offer exceptional comfort so you can spend all day in our fashionable footwear.


Don't waste a chance to make a statement. Socks can do more than keep you warm, they can add more to your style personality.

New Sockwell Damask Moderate Graduated Compression socks (15-20 MMHG) and Crew Socks