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These are some of our stylish and varied brands

These are only a few of the many unique and stylish brands that we carry. Inside our store you will find a wide variety of exciting pieces that are the perfect look from everyday to the most special occasions. We will be updating this page as we continue to add more brands sold by Cambridgewear as well as introducing new lines, so keep checking up with us! 



High quality tailored knits with an emphasis on natural fibers and vibrant colors. Outfits are designed to give you a sophisticated and confident look at work and an elegant, glamorous look at social events. BIANA clothing uses high quality Italian yarns and are manufactured in Bulgaria.


Fat Hat

Made in Vermont, Fat Hat creates soft, easy clothing for women that reflect Vermont's lifestyle and comfortable attitude about clothing.  The vests, turtlenecks and Zippy jackets are 100% cotton flat-back rib… soft, cozy and a perfect weight for fall, winter and spring. The fabric is knit in North Carolina. 

Frank Lyman 2.jpg

Frank Lyman Designs

Frank Lyman, Canadian designed and Australian made, is a collection of stylish, on-trend clothing for the woman, that wants to look her best. Renowned for its use of high quality fabrics and impeccable detailing, the Frank Lyman woman is unique and likes to accentuate her femininity.


Custom-made European linen fabrics in relaxed styles.


Grace Chuang

Grace Chuang, has been designing unique Asian Embroidery Jackets since 1990 producing a variety of unique prints that are only available thru Grace Chuang Inc. Her collections are hand-made in Shanghai, China.

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Summer Tunic.jpg


Handcrafted women's dresses and tunics by designer Sulu Grant. Embroidery and block-printing are performed by hand by individual craftsmen in India.

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Icelandic Design

High-quality fine fashion knit apparel based on Nordic designs.



Salaam is a Vermont Company with a beautiful line of comfortable, versatile clothing designed to fit every body. Timeless designs are made from fine European fabrics, with an eye for affordability, comfort, and fit.

Le Galeriste

Le Galeriste is the fusion of art and high fashion. The wearable art gallery showcases exclusive works of art from some of the world’s most respected artists, produced on high-end clothing made in Montreal (Canada) in limited and numbered editions.

21206 Isola Bella Dress.jpeg


Orientique, an Australian fashion label synonymous with exclusive artistic prints, beautiful natural fabrics and good quality.

Forest Lily

Forest Lily is a line of stylish contemporary ladies dresses with a diverse selection of day-to-night looks for every woman & every mood. As each fabric is carefully hand-picked and each print made exclusive, Forest Lily dresses are designed to enhance a woman’s natural beauty with flattering silhouettes, colorful prints, novelty fabrics and timeless classics. 

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Venario Inc. produces exceptional quality, chic ladies boiled wool jackets in European designs. They use 100% Virgin Merino wool imported exclusively from Australia for their boiled wool jackets.

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Proudly manufactured in Montréal, Canada, PAPILLONBLANC is designed with timeless style and sophistication for the urban woman.



Parsley & Sage

Vibrant artistic clothing made from rich interesting textures. The Parsley & Sage collections offers sleek, fun, classy and versatile shirts, tunics and jackets you can dress up with accessories or wear casually.




Fisherman Out of Ireland

Fisherman Out of Ireland is a small knitting company based in Kilcar, County Donegal.They work with luxury yarns that are 100% natural fibers and some are spun by Donegal Yarns, located beside them in Kilcar. Yarns such as merino wool, cashmere, mohair, alpaca, are all produced in new and beautiful colors every season.



Skovhuus Strik is a Danish knitwear company who have been producing higher quality goods since 1972. Now run by the second generation of the Skovhuss family, each garment is still produced at their factory in Herning, Denmark using higher quality sustainable yarns. You can feel the softness in all of these pieces. 


Komarov are well known for their finest natural and man made fabric blends and providing an unbeatable fit. They are hand or machine washable, wrinkle free and light weight. Ideal for the busy business or leisure traveler who wants to look chic at a moment's notice without the need for dry cleaning.

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Habitat designs are meant to move you comfortably and stylishly through every part of your live. From the office, to dinner with friends, book club to college reunion, Habitat clothes are the ones you can truly live in. Timeless fabrics, colors & shapes are inspired by global travel and total immersion in fashion trends and cultures.


Tianello is a Los Angeles company, started in 1984 and still under it’s original ownership. They specialize in eco-friendly garments made from natural fibers, most notable Tencel. Their Tencel blouses have become a CambridgeWear customer favorite.

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Cut loose

Cut Loose is an extensive line of casual clothing that’s sewn and dyed to order in San Francisco. They are known for their great fabrics, flattering fit and wonderful colors. The name Cut Loose is figurative, inviting women to have fun dressing in a relaxed style, with a bit of individuality.

  Fresh Produce

For nearly three decades, Fresh Produce has delighted women with it’s original prints, vibrant color and comfortable styling. Today, the company designs and manufactures a leading brand of women’s clothing that is primarily made in the USA.

Fresh produce.jpg

Yoga Jeans

Unique Diagonal Stretch: Allows maximum comfort and fluidity! Shape Memory Denim: You may bend, twist and wear your Yoga Jeans® denim all day long, thanks to this fabric, they will hug your curves no matter what!  Made 100% in Canada.

Winding River Mia Reis Knits

Casual, dressy reversible knit sweaters and coats that can be worn as an accessory to dress up your outfit or worn simply for warmth. 


Lee Andersen

Since establishing her couture business in 1980, Lee Anderson has been known internationally for being intriguingly different. Lee handpicks her textiles from all over the world, from iridescent taffetas to Celtic tweeds. A Lee Anderson piece not only shows impeccable taste, but has a unique, expressive style.

Lee Andersen Cablette-jacket.jpg
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Simply Silk

Style and comfort. These soft, lightweight garments are pieces of unique workmanship. The richly colored jackets are a bright and fun accessory whether its an autumn picnic or a special night out. Versatile and expressive, a great way to make your ensemble both elegant and fun.

Margaret Winters

Made in New York City, Margaret Winters Sweaters are designed in a wide range of colors and are recognized for their unique patchwork designs and pockets.



Designed for women who want modern, trend-appropriate clothing that balance casual and career with an eye for fashion. Young in spirit, realistic in fit and tremendous quality.


Su Placer

Hand painted, hand stamped, sun dried and fairly traded wearable art. Known for comfortable, colorful, playful tops, Su Placer's batiks are designed in upstate New York and then hand made by fair trade artisans in northern Ecuador. Each piece is a unique one of a kind piece of wearable art.




Quality artisan jackets made from exquisite and unique textiles. All TRIMDIN jackets are reversible and made in the USA.



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Lost Horizons Imports

Hand knit in Nepal exclusively for Lost Horizons. 100% wool. Knit wear is made up of high quality sheep wool imported directly from New Zealand and Australia.  The raw wool is machine spun in Nepal and then hand dyed, using high quality Swiss dyes, in our dying facility in Kathmandu. Fair Trade Federation Member.

KN889-OS COLOR 211.jpg

Wind River

This brand brings you comfortable, casual, open weave and boucle sweaters that define an easy-going style so you're prepared for the elements.


Cupcake International

Cupcake International produces unique designs for fashionable women.  Their clothes are manufactured in small workshops, allowing for attention to details such as handmade buttons and   hand-embroidered fabric. Many of Cupcake International’s designs are Asian-inspired and have an original look and style.


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Very Vineyard

Very Vineyard is all about color and prints. Many of these batik fabrics being inspired by flowers and plants.



Fat Hat

Made in Vermont, Fat Hat creates soft, easy clothing for women that reflect Vermont's lifestyle and comfortable attitude about clothing. 

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Established in the heart of New York fashion district, Lindi’s designs focus on modern, fashionable garments that are easy to wear, and easy to care for.

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Yasuko Designs

Yasuko offers original one of a kind clothing with Japanese inspired silhouettes. Made in soft cottons and rayons, their clothes have a simple elegance with feminine accents like their pleated sleeves. Made in the USA.


Moonlight by Y&S Fashion

Moonlight’s lightweight and easy-to-care for tops and jackets are beautifully tailored, with interesting textured fabrics, unique buttons and accents. Made in USA.


INOAH’s clothing collections include beautiful, unique wearable art clothing made in Los Angeles, and features comfort, style and versatility.

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Yushi Moda


Comfortable, stylish clothing designed using unique fabrics suitable for everyday casual outings, work, travel, and special events. Made in the USA.